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With a county town of Guildford, Surrey is a large county in South East England.

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You may have been running your business for a few years and hit “tick over mode”.  Don’t forget you’re in business to make a profit in the first instance and then to make some more profit!  Over the years your business services, products, employees, contractors evolve and change and all these can impact your profit positively and negatively.

When’s the right time to make these decisions? We partner businesses to focus on profit and cashflow – starting with sound bookkeeping and using management information, Blue Dot make sure your financial management foundations are fit for growth and purpose.

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Accountants in Surrey

Cashflow Don’t bank on your bank for cashflow - No one is going to lend money to a business that doesn't have its own house in order.
Cashflow Why two bank accounts are better than one - Your main bank account will certainly look to be short of money. But that's partly the point!
Profit margins and profitability Clients – are they profitable and will I be paid in good time? - There’s no point having a client contract which either doesn’t make money or doesn’t pay you in good time. This…