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Twitter for business – an epiphany, in fact two in a week

All sorts of organisations use Twitter for business purposes as part of their marketing toolkit and I’m no exception – @diaryofanomb.

The most familiar pattern of activity is that we push information on to twitter about our businesses and our sphere of expertise, hopeful that it will be interesting to followers who see the tweets.

Nothing wrong with that, but in the space of four days I have had two wake up calls about how to use twitter a bit differently.

Twitter for business – not

Firstly, by complete fluke I saw the value of finding something non-businesslike but still engaging to tweet about.

I happened to be at the Bruce Springsteen concert where the plug was pulled in the middle of an encore where Bruce Springsteen was jamming with Paul McCartney.

So I tweeted about it, and so did many others, some of whom were following me or I was following them.

All of a sudden I had conversations going with people who may well have been connected to me primarily for a business reason but we were talking about something else we had in common.

We were also very cross – Springsteen, McCartney, Twist & Shout, rock’n’roll history in the making right before your eyes, something truly unique and someone pulls the bloody plug!

Where this leads, I don’t know, but I can now see the importance of the non-business tweets in connecting more deeply with other people.

Don’t search the web, let the web come to you

A few days later, I’m having lunch with a friend who is finding his feet in social media and is puzzling out twitter for business.

He is in the financial and healthcare sectors and needs to keep abreast of a wide range of developments.

So he follows hospitals, universities and research institutions on twitter and says that instead of having to go searching for what information might be available, it all comes to him.

Saves hours.


So, two new things to try on twitter and perhaps less of just pushing blogs out every day hoping someone finds them interesting.

Which might be how you found this 😉