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Cold calling – a disruptive technology

When the phone rings in our open-plan office it interrupts everyone, which is fine if it’s a client, a prospect or someone else that we need to speak to. But a substantial minority of incoming calls are people trying to sell to us and those calls are a real pain.

Like many businesses, if we want to buy something we’ll make a decision that we want to buy it, then find a decent supplier via an online search, word of mouth or some other route that we’re comfortable with. If the price is right, we’ll buy.

Incoming cold calls are disruptive and almost 100% of the time they waste everyone’s time.

Losing the pain of the incoming calls would be of far greater benefit than the risk that we’ll miss the very occasional call from which we might buy something.

So what can be done?

We are not a large enough business to require a full-time employee whose job includes fielding all incoming calls. Nor do we want to route all of our calls via a 3rd party phone answering service. Both options would place an additional cost on our business that we would incur simply to prevent a problem that other people are imposing on us. An example of what economists call “moral hazard”.

We have registered with the Telephone Preference Service – the free service where you register your phone number(s) and they should not then be allowed to appear on commercially available lists of contact details.

And we will ask any future cold callers to take us off their contact lists.

Time will tell if this reduces the number of cold callers in future but hopefully it will.

Cold calling is a pain we could do without.