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Back up your computer files and restore peace of mind

Back up your computer files daily and from time to time test the back up by restoring some of the files to make sure they are working as you expect.

It is a simple message and one that many businesses follow.  But from time to time we see an example where a failure to take a back up or to test a back up can lead to problems, extra costs and unnecessary stress.

For example……..

Back up or risk a lot of pain

The CFO of a business told me how they had suffered a software glitch and the accounting software had locked so that no one could open the file and do any accounting work. Nor could they access reports, do credit control, reconcile the bank etc.

No problem – restore the back up.

Problem – the IT guys had been re-organising where the company’s files were being stored and somehow they had located the accounts data file in a folder of its own on the server.

The folder was never backed up! For three months.


  1. Send the accounts data file off to the software provider to see if their engineers could open it. This came with a cost and a 10 day turnaround or, a more expensive, 4 day turnaround.
  2. Re-do the last three months accounting.

Neither is pretty.

Better back up

Firstly ensure that all of your business files are in one place. Do not allow staff to save files on the own PCs or laptops.

Secondly, make sure the business files are backed up every day. Ideally the back up should run overnight when no one is using the network.

Put your back up either into the cloud or on to an external hard drive that you can store off site. For example, we rotate three external drives and two of them are off site all the time.

Test that your back up works! From time to time take one of the files you have backed up, put it on your PC and open it to make sure it is working.

What you restore will be peace of mind!