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Change accountants – Breaking up is not so hard to do

Change accountants, banks, mobile phones – somehow it always seems easier to stay where you are than to make a change, even if you’re not getting the service or the value for money you expect.

But, when it comes to your accountant, this inertia could really hurt you and your business and, as Liz Garrigan, Director of TPG Design, explains in the video – breaking up is not so very hard to do!

TPG realised they did not have the right financial help they needed for their business and they had to change accountants. This is what they did next……

Why change accountants?

Every successful business needs a good accountant and a bad one can drag you down, perhaps without you knowing.

This is as true of the internal finance team as the external advisors.

Businesses grow and evolve, their requirements change through time. The accountants who help to form the company are not necessarily the accountants who can keep pace with double or treble digit growth.

The accountants who can tell you what happened in your business fifteen months ago but can’t help you with a cashflow forecast for the next fifteen weeks might well be next to useless to you.

To be successful you need the right resources.

Most MDs do not appoint many accountants or financial staff during their careers and so when they come to change accountants it’s not something they are used to and not something they are likely to ask their accountant about!

But don’t let inertia or a fear of the change process be reasons not to change. Do what Liz Garrigan did – give us a call on 020 7125 0270!

Breaking up is not so hard to do!