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Grow your business – what about new products or services?

Remember Apollo 13? There is a brilliant moment when the CO2 filter on the spaceship is running out and the NASA guys have to make a new one using just the items available on the spaceship.

“I don’t care what it was built to do; I care what it can do!”

And the same is true of your business.

You have skills and know-how to provide your products and services but what else can the skills and know-how be applied to?

I met an MD this week who has a very successful printing-related business. This year they figured they could create some new products if they bought a small printing machine that could run in their office and very soon they were off and running with a brand new set of products.

New products that they sell to existing and new clients and some of the new clients will undoubtedly buy the existing products. Double whammy!


Another example, we’re accountants, but we also sell QuickBooks training and other accounting software training.


So, look again at the services / products you’re currently selling and think about what you know how to do and see if there are any related products or redesigned services that you can profitably bring to market.

They did it in Apollo 13 – so it can’t be rocket science, can it!