Improve your business by changing your accountant

Running a business is a transferable skill – that people don’t transfer often enough

You can’t get this experience in a classroom, you can’t get it working for other people but, boy, is it valuable.

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Google My Business – How to request a review and profile tips

Our website is designed and managed by TPG-Design so it makes a lot of sense to ask them to give us all a brief outline about how anyone can use Google My Business to be noticed and gain traction on Google……….

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Getting paid on time – your company is NOT a source of alternative finance!

Getting paid on time – it’s one of the biggest drags on the business community and it hits the smaller business particularly hard.

But there are things you can do, it’s time to hit back.

Remember – your company is NOT a source of alternative finance for your customers!

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Get paid quicker – 5 ways to avoid bad credit risks

The collection side of credit control is difficult enough so identifying bad payer problems before you have even made a sale can save you time and money.

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Annual accounts – a milestone or a millstone?

Drafting the annual accounts while last year’s performance is still in everyone’s mind is easier than leaving it for several months and coming back to the task when the business has moved on.

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