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Accountants and clients – collaborate differently using cloud accounting

Cloud accounting puts financial data and information on everyone’s screen and it’s now shareable between clients and accountants in a way that it wasn’t before. So it makes sense that the way in which clients and accountants collaborate should change.

Dialogue can be continuous and financial information will be more accurate and useful as a result.


Share screens on Skype

We find that a making a Skype call and sharing screens is a brilliant and cost-effective way of collaborating. You both log on to the cloud accounting system you’re using and off you go.

If the client shares their screen (and is in charge of the keyboard) the accountant can do some hands-on training to show how to perform a particular task, how to choose the correct VAT code for a sale or a purchase or how to run and make sense of a report.

When the accountant shares their screen they can use reports as a starting point to drill down to check data, point out potential problems and explain the financials. For example, if transactions are building up in an “Ask My Accountant” account, it’s easy to get the transactions on the screen for both to see and go through each one to allocate it to the correct account.

There are alternatives to Skype but we have found it to be in common usage , reliable, cheap and it gets the job done.


Build useful reports for your clients

The accountant should prepare a small number management reports that the client can run when they wish to and which can be accessed and discussed at any time. By using the same reports the level of understanding of the numbers increases and it’s easy to spot if something is not right or hasn’t been done. You can keep the financials in good shape and there are no surprises!

Having cloud accounting technology is one thing. Using it effectively to get better, understandable outcomes is something else entirely.

And remember – it’s good to talk!  Visit our dedicated cloud accounting service page to learn more about how we can work together.



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