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Employing a new person – use the HMRC Starter Checklist

The past year has seen immense change in the way that employers interact with HMRC following the introduction of the Real Time Information rules.

There are gripes about it, but generally the system is working very well. A big part of making it easy for yourself is to gather the correct information every time a new employee starts work for you and you can simplify this process by using the HMRC Starter Checklist.

You can download the checklist here HMRC Starter Checklist or by going to the HMRC website.

The form gathers all of the information required for you to set up the new employee on your payroll and also includes the “employee statement” about whether this is their only job and what they have been doing previously in the tax year.

Frustratingly, you have to fill in all of the fields on the personal details page before you can get to the employee statement page, but the reason for this is to ensure all of the necessary data is caught by the form.

Nevertheless, if you incorporate this form into your recruitment process you will find it very easy to set up every new employee on your payroll when they start work with you.