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Share reports in QuickBooks Online

One of the benefits of cloud accounting is that information is readily available – but is it being seen and is it being used?

Why not share reports in QuickBooks Online and make sure you, your team and your clients are always in the know?

There’s little point in having information at your fingertips but not using it, yet many accountants and business owners, whilst adopting cloud accounting solutions, are still working as they used to work – to a monthly, quarterly or annual cycle of numbers – and ignoring the here and now.

Which means that useful information isn’t being used, decision-making is flawed and the accounting records may be incomplete or inaccurate.

QuickBooks has a tool – “set email schedule” – that overcomes this by allowing you to automate sending helpful information to clients whenever you wish.

Firstly, you write a report. It could be geared towards sales, cashflow, credit control, suppliers that need paying etc. something that you know your client will find useful in running their business. Then, you edit the report and set an email schedule so the report, in Excel if that helps, goes automatically to the whoever needs it at predetermined intervals.

For example, we send the Unpaid Bills report to several of our clients each week so they can stay on top of who they need to pay.

When we can see a client has incurred an expense but we don’t know what it’s for we put it into the “Ask the Client” account. Every couple of weeks we send out the Ask the Client report and between us we can classify the expense correctly.

There are two examples of how we’re using technology to improve financial performance and there will be countless more. It’s easy to share reports in QuickBooks Online. In fact, it’s daft not to.

Visit our dedicated cloud accounting service page to learn more about how we can work together.


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