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Outsourced accounting – the way of the world

Outsourced accounting has been with us for many years, at all levels from the freelance bookkeeper to the interim Finance Director.

No change there, but technology is making outsourced accounting much easier to buy and to deliver.

All of which has to be good for businesses of all shapes and sizes

There are two big drivers for this change.

Apps put the buyer and the supplier in touch and make the process familiar to all

Everyone is taking advantage of apps to buy services on demand. Taxis, cleaners, dog walkers, gift-buying and wrapping, take-away meals – the arrival of apps is simply making the purchase of these services easier and more prevalent.

It’s not just buying the service that is made easier, what makes the delivery of these services much better is that technology also connects the suppliers to the buyers in a more useful and visible way.

The bottom line is that individual service providers and freelancers can connect through apps and websites with individual buyers much more readily, with lower transaction costs, and vibrant, growing markets for services are created.

Cloud software means the work can be done anywhere, anytime

It is not just cloud accounting software that can be anywhere, it is the transactions as well.

A typical client of ours will upload transactions such as receipts, invoices and bank statements into services such as Dropbox or Google Drive and our guys will access these transactions and do the bookkeeping wherever they may be – at home, in our office, at the client’s premises. They can do it at any time of day as well.

Flexible working is just one more benefit.

Outsourced accounting – easier to buy, easier to deliver

Technology is making it easier to buy services when and where they are required, making people more familiar with the process and more trusting of the services they buy.

Technology is also making delivery of outsourced accounting services more flexible, paperless and client-centric. It’s increases value for money as well by lowering costs and increasing competition.

Are you taking advantage of outsourced accounting?

If you would like to find out more, please give me a call – 020 7125 0270 or 020 8166 5960.






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