Do you care about accounting technology?

As a business owner, do you much care about accounting technology?

Should you?

It’s easy for accountants to live inside a technology bubble at the moment. The pace of change, some of it driven by HMRC’s “Making Tax Digital for VAT”, has been rapid in recent years and accountants are teaming up with software suppliers to shout from the rooftops about the latest whizzy tech.

Out there in the real world, you’re running your business. Accounts are an important part of it but there’s much more besides. There are other priorities (e.g. sales, marketing, operations, HR) and solid accounting should support a business not impose upon it.

Nevertheless, accountants are making a lot of noise about technology.

The question is: should you care about it?

There are certainly some accounting technology solutions that can help your business become more productive, more profitable. But don’t feel compelled to keep up with everything.

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