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Cloud accounting – We can work anywhere in #thecloudthatcounts

It’s a strange feeling when you shrink with one hand and at the same time grow with the other. Courtesy of cloud accounting.

Shrink is not really the right word. We are simply took advantage of moving into the cloud to reduce our property costs in one location and at the same time open another office in Richmond.

Accountants in Fulham, accountants in Richmond. Accountants everywhere and anywhere, in fact.

It’s a period of change and opportunity for us, and a chance to stand back and remind people of what we do and why it works.

Accountants with a difference

All of our people have worked in real businesses before joining us. They have worked in finance teams in positions from bookkeeper to Finance Director and all points in between.

So our experience is all about how to run a business and make sure the right financial management is in place to support growth and reduce risk. We look at cashflow, margins, profitability, financial controls and management information.

We look at what your business can do today and tomorrow, not just what it did last year.

We have never come across another firm of accountants with this experience.

Yet it makes a big difference to our clients.

We won’t tie your business into cloud accounting software

The recent launch of several cloud accounting software packages is good as it raises the game of the industry. However, the accounting software companies sell through accountants as a route to market and a business can find itself tied into both software and an accountant that may not be fit for purpose.

Disentanglement may not be easy, that’s partly the point.

Frankly, using new accounting software is like driving a rented car. You may never have driven the specific make or model before but you know it must have gears, a steering wheel, lights, brakes etc. and it’s just a case of finding out where they are and using them.

Accounting software is the same. You know it must deal with sales invoices, suppliers’ bills, receipts, payments etc. and it’s just a case of finding out where they are and using them.

Our clients can and do use whatever software they wish and if they want advice on changing then we are happy to help.

We are cloud accountants

All of our IT is in the cloud so we can work from anywhere. At your office or one of ours or anywhere else.

The IT and mobile worlds are changing so fast and it’s vital to be clued in to changes in technology. To know what works and to know what is useful – not necessarily the same thing.

There are huge advantages to being in the cloud and we can help you get there, or to stay grounded if you prefer.

Can we help you?

We are different from other accountants and we know how to run a business. Shouldn’t be that unusual, should it?

If that is the type of help you are looking for to grow your business, please call me on  020 7125 0270 and let’s have a chat. We’d love to help.










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