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Cloud accounting – using the software you like

Cloud accounting is becoming more entrenched as a business solution and although we still don’t think cloud accounting software is as good as some of the best desktop packages, it’s getting better all the time.

But what if you are very happy with the accounting software you use and have several years of data stored in it but you want to work in the cloud and gain the benefits of access from anywhere at any time?

Here are a couple of solutions.

Accountants are remote – who’d have thought it?

Firstly, you could do what we have done as a business and go totally hosted in the cloud. All of our IT systems are now in the cloud which means we can work from anywhere at any time.

We’re using the software we need and have used for years – QuickBooks, Iris, Microsoft Office – so we’ve not had to learn anything new and all of our data moved with us. Recently we adopted a new desktop payroll package and that was loaded on to the cloud platform without any difficulty.

It also means we can significantly reduce our property costs, which in London is a blessing.

But if this is too much too soon then there is a partial answer that might suit very well.

Cloud accounting – with your own company cloud

The service provided by MyQuickCloud might be just what you need.

Set up your own company cloud – perhaps only for the accounts team – and make available only the software they need to do their job – QuickBooks, Sage, Excel, Outlook.

Files are still saved on the company server but the accounts team works in its own bespoke cloud and can therefore work from anywhere. Which is great, for example, if you:

  • want to allow flexible home working
  • have offices elsewhere in the UK or overseas
  • want your external accountant to log in and check everything is working well
  • have IT limitations which affect only the accounts ecosystem

There are probably similar systems available and MyQuickCloud need not be limited to cloud accounting use.


So, if you want to get the benefits of working in the cloud you are not limited just to use cloud accounting software. Instead you can continue to use the software you like and which works for your business but still access it in the cloud.

Visit our dedicated cloud accounting service page to learn more about working together. 


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