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Cloud accounting – get the right training and it will change your business

If you’re going to use a cloud accounting solution in your business make sure you get proper training!

Cloud accounting solutions are brilliant for businesses from start-ups to multi-million turnover companies.

By bringing your numbers to your finger tips cloud accounting solutions should radically improve the running of your business.


  • are accessible anywhere
  • link to an ecosystem of apps that bring efficiency and added functionality
  • give you financial information to help you run your business
  • lower the cost of and reduce the time taken for bookkeeping

What’s not to like?

When cloud accounting goes wrong

Firstly, you might not know things are wrong.

Our blog “this must be my profit because it says so on my phone” was written several years ago and highlights that we tend to believe what’s on our phones whether it’s right or wrong.

Secondly, you might know things are wrong but not know how to fix them.

Another blog “I stopped doing my books when I realised I was making them worse” tells this story of an MD who realised he was in deep water and needed help.

We still see lots of examples of both problems and we know how to turn things around.

Cloud accounting training

You wouldn’t drive a car for the first time without supervision and we take for granted that we need lessons from someone who knows what they’re doing to teach us to drive.

It’s the same with cloud accounting solutions. You’re probably not an accountant so why would you know how to do accounting?

Invest in training at the outset and your bookkeeping will be fine. All the benefits of the technology will come your way. You get more choices over who does your bookkeeping and how you manage them.

And there’s no shortage of training resources. For example:

There’s also lots of “how to” videos on YouTube.

The choice is yours – just don’t choose not to!

And if you’re already using your cloud accounting software but you’re just not sure if you’re doing it right – give us a call on  020 7125 0270.

Visit our dedicated cloud accounting services page to learn more about how we can work together to choose the right software for your business.


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PS – this is our view on bookkeeping and why you should ditch the spreadsheets:


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