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Accountants in Richmond – with a difference

There are many accountants in Richmond but we opened our doors there to offer a different choice to the businesses in and around the area.

The Blue Dot difference is that our people have all worked in financial positions in businesses of all shapes and sizes. We haven’t spent all our time working for accountancy firms and this gives us an insight that is highly relevant to our clients.

We all know what it’s like to work in or run a finance team, to deliver useful management information to a board of directors and other managers across a business and deliver profit improvement.

The perspective of accountants in practice tends to be different, looking back at what has happened in a previous financial year, not looking at the here and now or what is coming round the corner. Running a finance department the view is different.

What becomes important are:

  • Credit management
  • Cashflow
  • Margins
  • Cost control
  • Working with non-financial colleagues to deliver success

This difference in focus applies across the entire accountancy market, not just to accountants in Richmond, but, working with us, businesses in Richmond can now reap the benefit.

Accounting software

Another area where we are different is our view of accounting software. It has to be right for the business, not just for the accountant. Which is why we are not in favour of accounting software being sold through accountants.

It’s too easy for a business to become locked into software or an accountant that’s not a good fit and it’s not so easy to change.

We use several different accounting software packages, some are cloud-based, such as QBO and Xero, others are desktop packages such as QuickBooks or Sage. We use what our clients use.

We’re more than happy to help a business choose the accounting software that is right for them but we are not tied to any software and we won’t sell it to you.

Are you looking to change accountants in Richmond?

If so, it would be good to have a chat. Let’s meet for a cup of tea or coffee and talk about your business for an hour or so, completely free, and see where it takes us.

Your business is unique, perhaps your accountant should also be different from the crowd.

Please give me a call on 020 8166 5960.





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