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Accountants in Fulham, accountants in Richmond – with the cloud the sky is the limit

When people search the web for accountants they usually do so geographically – accountants in Fulham or accountants in Richmond – as part of their search activity.

Local is good. However, a network of offices is expensive.

But not any more, not if your business embraces the cloud!

Although this blog is primarily about how Blue Dot Consulting embraced the cloud, it could just as easily apply to any business under the sun.

In the last twelve months we have done two big operational things:

  • become paper-free
  • migrated all of our software to the cloud – Microsoft’s Azure platform

This means we can work from anywhere where we have access to a computer and the internet – this blog was written in Starbucks in Sao Paulo!

The computer programs we use are all in the cloud and when we add a new staff member they effortlessly get the same desktop and access to data as everyone else.

Which means we can grow very easily.

Accountants in Fulham, accountants in Richmond, and beyond

We’re using cloud technology to grow. We have opened an office in Richmond. But we don’t need paper files, file servers and a lot of office space.

We need to be close to our clients, to understand their business, to give them the financial management and insight they need to be successful but we don’t need to be weighed down with the traditional overheads of expansion.

So there is no reason not to expand further. It is easy to be where the clients are.

The times they are a’changing

None of what we have done has turned out to be difficult and as new technologies come online it is vital to grab and use the ones that make a difference. Many of our clients are using Dropbox and Google Drive to make financial documents available to us.

Paper transactions have been a disappearing species for years now (when did you last write a cheque?) and the direction of travel is to never enter data twice.

Service providers have to be able to deliver the right service in the right place at the right time for clients and accountancy is no different from any other service in that regard.

So join us in the cloud. It might not be a place, but it’s the place to be!













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