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Accountex hot topic roundtables


Accountex hot topic roundtables – don’t just come along, join in!

Exhibitions and conferences are never short of the big set-piece presentations on the important issues of the day. But the “one-to-many” nature of the presentation can leave you a bit short on how you can deal with the particular issue in your world, in your business, working with your colleagues for your clients.

Which always gets me wondering how the person sat next to me would deal with it in their world, and then how would the next person deal with it and so on.

And then I think “if ten of us in the audience got together to work this problem through we’d all get to a better place pretty quickly and have a good grasp of what works and what goes wrong when you deal with this topic in practice.”

But there’s no forum for that. Until now.

The Accountex hot topic roundtables – the small group discussions where you can share ideas with your peers and figure out how to navigate the road ahead for your business.


Technology changes and challenges

I’m looking at “Technology changes and challenges” on both days at Accountex.

The roundtable discussion is for practitioners who are asking and want to share:

  • What technology are other firms using, what works and what doesn’t work?
  • How do I adopt the right technology for my clients?
  • What goes right and what goes wrong when we adopt new software?
  • Is the latest app any good just because it’s talked up on social media?
  • Will the sky fall in if we’re not as far into the cloud as the next guy?
  • How do I conquer FoMO – fear of missing out?

It’s a very broad subject but you can set the agenda so it’s directly relevant to the people round the table. May I invite you to post your question in the comments box below so I can ensure we discuss the issues that are relevant to you and your business.


How do I sign up?

Go to the Hot Topics area situated between Theatre 2 & 3 and register your name with one of the registration staff. Try to register at the beginning of the day as it will be first come first served.


See you at Accountex!

And don’t forget to let me have your questions on “Technology changes and challenges”.


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