Management information

Management information is essential to tell you how your business is performing. Every business wants to grow, to improve profitability, reduce risk, increase cashflow etc. but none of it can be done very well without the right management information at the right time. Good bookkeeping is the basis of useful…

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There are two types of business – those that need to concentrate on cashflow and …….. all the rest.

They say “cash is king” and that’s so true. Even if you are making profits yo can still run short of cash and a business that’s short of cash is in trouble.

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Where do the jobs go in the digital economy?

Digital disruption : Digital opportunity We have a report we produce every quarter that tells us useful information about the previous twelve months. We’ve been producing the report each quarter for the last five or six years and every time we run it we learn important lessons about our business…

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Remote working in the cloud

Our business has now switched to remote working in the cloud.

Up until now we have been using a traditional client-server model in an office but going forward we will do all of our work in a hosted environment from anywhere.

Working in the cloud is the third stage of a project that has seen us move to a paperless environment and migrate our email, diaries etc. to Office 365. But what does it all mean for a business in the 21st century?

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My accountant is not pro-actively advising me in a practical sense

We make the point that a having bad accountant is like a KGB sleeper – you may not know you have one until it is too late!

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An increase in rent – a shock to the system and an opportunity

These changes will mean we require less space and this will mitigate the increased cost, but the ironic thing is that the more flexible you make the working environment and the less dependent you are on large pieces of office space, the easier it is to expand!

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Don’t put the tax cart in front of the business horse (II)

Will I set up my company in France because I might be in Paris on business and I would like to reclaim the VAT on taxi fares?

Another example of putting the tax cart in front of the business horse!

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