Profitability, Productivity and Pricing

Profitability, productivity and pricing – the three Ps are key ingredients to improving your bottom line. We can help your business understand them, change them and increase profits as a result.

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Accountex hot topic roundtables

If ten of us in the audience got together to work this problem through we’d all get to a better place pretty quickly and have a good grasp of what works and what goes wrong when you deal with this topic in practice.

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The virtuous circle of good bookkeeping

It’s vital to have good bookkeeping taking place day-in, day-out using bespoke software and using the results to grow your profits and your businesses.

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Client profitability analysis – make more money for every sale made

Many businesses will focus on sales as the key driver for success, but anyone can make a sale if the price is low enough. Profitable sales are more important than any sales.

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I can have the business I want – by stopping the business I’ve got

Some time ago I posted a blog entitled “I can’t have the business I want…..because of the business I’ve got!” which concerned an owner-manager who had become trapped in his company by time-consuming, low-profit clients he didn’t really want but couldn’t afford to lose. Recently, I…

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What value does an FD add – and why you don’t need one

This gives your business the best of both worlds – the senior financial input you need but without a full-time cost. It’s a solution that an FD would be proud of!

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From paper bag to paper-free – alchemy for accountants

It’s the old accounting nightmare – the client brings in their records in a carrier bag or shoe box, dumps it on the desk and says “Here you go –  can you get my accounts / tax return done by the end of the month, please?” We don’t…

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Improve profitability – in five simple steps

If your business can improve profitability the rewards include more money in the bank, a higher value for your business as well as greater peace of mind and the feeling of a job well done.

Making lower profits than you think you should leads to the opposite outcomes and a lot less fun.

So, what can you do to improve your profitability?

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Cloud Accounting – give your accounts a Digital Detox

The pace of change we’re seeing in the world of bookkeeping and accounting is staggering and this blog is all about how your business can make the most of the cloud accounting digital revolution. Say goodbye to the old ways and give…

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