Five ways to make QuickBooks work for your business

Don’t bank on your bank for cashflow

No one is going to lend money to a business that doesn’t have its own house in order. So if cashflow is tight, that’s probably a very loud message that other parts of your business aren’t performing well and you need to take action – NOW!

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Client profitability analysis – make more money for every sale made

Many businesses will focus on sales as the key driver for success, but anyone can make a sale if the price is low enough. Profitable sales are more important than any sales.

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I can have the business I want – by stopping the business I’ve got

Some time ago I posted a blog entitled “I can’t have the business I want…..because of the business I’ve got!” which concerned an owner-manager who had become trapped in his company by time-consuming, low-profit clients he didn’t really want but couldn’t afford to lose. Recently, I was talking…

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