Employing a new person – use the HMRC Starter Checklist

The form gathers all of the information required for you to set up the new employee on your payroll and also includes the “employee statement” about whether this is their only job and what they have been doing previously in the tax year.

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International VAT – made simple(ish)

VAT – a lot of the time it is as easy as falling off a log, but once you start to trade overseas it can get difficult and it is worth knowing the basics about how it works.

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Don’t put the tax cart in front of the business horse (II)

Will I set up my company in France because I might be in Paris on business and I would like to reclaim the VAT on taxi fares?

Another example of putting the tax cart in front of the business horse!

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Audited accounts – and the procurement manager

In most owner-managed businesses this will mean that the accounts do not need to be audited and in practice it is very rare to see a company being audited when it does not need to be.

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Five ideas to ease the pain of VAT

Most businesses should be indifferent to VAT. You add it to your sales invoices, collect it when you get paid by the customer and pay it over to HMRC when it’s due. In principle: no problem.

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