Cloud accounting software – is the price right?

Cloud accounting software is becoming more widely used each day, along with all sorts of other cloud-based software. And there is no doubt that the future of most software will be in the cloud and not based on the desktop.

In a previous post on cloud accounting software I commented on price and in particular the problems that desktop software providers had if they also launched a cloud version.

Looking again at the market, the price just does not feel right.

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QuickBooks: Streamlining your business with superior reporting

Here is a webinar I recorded with the QuickBooks team all about how to use QuickBooks reporting to improve your business.

You will need to register with BrightTalk to view the webinar and when you watch the webinar click anywhere on the product demo to minimise the slide presentation which will otherwise get in the way a little bit.

Enjoy the webinar and bring your management accounts to life!

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QuickBooks training: empower your business

QuickBooks training that is just right for your business.

We work with you, using your data and your transactions and help you produce the reports you need to run your business.

This is NOT generic classroom training. We use live ammunition – yours!


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Use cloud accounting, but remain down to earth

Although cloud accounting allows great flexibility over where and when work is done, there is no substitute for face to face contact to make sure that everything is working properly.

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Excel spreadsheets – a couple of practical tips

When using Excel, always assume someone else will want to use and rely on the spreadsheet. Build your workbook in a simple, transparent way that gets the right answers and is easy on the eye – both on screen and on paper.

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Cloud computing or server – how do you choose?

the cloud is perceived to be where the future is, office-based servers are less interesting and the skills required to set up and run a server environment are required less frequently.

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Cloud accounting – are you lost in the fog?

The first criterion, and it is first by a very, very long way, is to choose accounting software that will produce the management reports that your business needs and is likely to need in the future.

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QuickBooks training and implementation for your business

We use QuickBooks in our business and have been recommending it to clients for many years. We’ve built up a wealth of experience in how to apply QuickBooks to a wide variety of businesses from start-ups to international, multi-user, multi-site companies.

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Accounting in the Cloud – Cumulus Numbers

Coming at us all full-speed, like an unstoppable train are more cloud-based accounting packages than you can shake a stick at. It’s challenging. It’s disruptive. And it should be beneficial, but where are we at the moment?

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