Cloud accounting – using the software you like

But the essence is that if you want get the benefits of working in the cloud you are not limited to having to use cloud accounting software. Instead you can continue to use the software you like and which works for your business. – See more at:

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Accounting software for small business

Cloud software is improving and it has the big marketing money and product investment going in to it but despite that, our view is that the best of the cloud accounting software for small business users is still not as good as the desktop equivalents.

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Accountants in Fulham, accountants in Richmond – with the cloud the sky is the limit

When people search the web for accountants they usually do so geographically – accountants in Fulham or accountants in Richmond – as part of their search activity.

Local is good. However, a network of offices is expensive.

But not any more, not if your business embraces the cloud!

Although this blog is primarily about how Blue Dot Consulting embraced the cloud, it could just as easily apply to any business under the sun.

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Outsourced accounting – the way of the world

Outsourced accounting has been with us for many years, at all levels from the freelance bookkeeper to the interim Finance Director. No change there, but technology is making outsourced accounting much easier to buy and to deliver.

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Accountants in Richmond – with a difference

There are many accountants in Richmond but we opened our doors there to offer a different choice to the businesses in and around the area.

The Blue Dot difference is that our people have all worked in financial positions in businesses of all shapes and sizes. We haven’t spent all our time working for accountancy firms and this gives us an insight that is highly relevant to our clients.

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Remote working in the cloud

Our business has now switched to remote working in the cloud.

Up until now we have been using a traditional client-server model in an office but going forward we will do all of our work in a hosted environment from anywhere.

Working in the cloud is the third stage of a project that has seen us move to a paperless environment and migrate our email, diaries etc. to Office 365. But what does it all mean for a business in the 21st century?

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Accounting software – you’re mad not to use it in your business

Twice this month we did some work with businesses that are beginning to use accounting software for the first time. Both had developed a series of spreadsheets for their accounting which they had long-since outgrown.

That is not all they have in common – astonishingly they are both £1 million turnover organisations!

Good for both of them that they have started to use accounting software but why leave it so late?

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An increase in rent – a shock to the system and an opportunity

These changes will mean we require less space and this will mitigate the increased cost, but the ironic thing is that the more flexible you make the working environment and the less dependent you are on large pieces of office space, the easier it is to expand!

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Cloud accounting software – is the price right?

Cloud accounting software is becoming more widely used each day, along with all sorts of other cloud-based software. And there is no doubt that the future of most software will be in the cloud and not based on the desktop.

In a previous post on cloud accounting software I commented on price and in particular the problems that desktop software providers had if they also launched a cloud version.

Looking again at the market, the price just does not feel right.

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