Cloud Accounting – give your accounts a Digital Detox

The pace of change we’re seeing in the world of bookkeeping and accounting is staggering and this blog is all about how your business can make the most of the cloud accounting digital revolution. Say goodbye to the old ways and give your business a Digital Detox! In this blog…

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Accountants and clients – collaborate differently using cloud accounting

Cloud accounting puts financial data and information on everyone’s screen and it’s now shareable between clients and accountants in a way that it wasn’t before. So it makes sense that the way in which clients and accountants collaborate should change. Dialogue can be continuous and financial information will be more…

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The paper-free accountant

Also worth visiting is HMRC’s guide on record keeping – even they say “HMRC recommend you keep all the original documents you receive. This does not mean you need to keep them on paper.”

The times they are a’changin!

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Xero v QuickBooks – digital shoot-out

We’re doing a lot of work with clients using Xero and QuickBooks Online and consequently we’re doing a lot of compare and contrast between the two.

There is much to say and I guess there will be more digital shoot-outs to come but here are some thoughts about getting data in and information out.

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Cloud accounting

Cloud accounting is the tectonic shift in the accounting world.

We help businesses make effective use of the cloud accounting solutions out there and collaborate with them to ensure their entire financial environment is working properly.

There’s a lot of hype about the cloud and cloud accounting and several different ways of enabling cloud technology in your business.

We use two of them!

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Cloud accounting – We can work anywhere in #thecloudthatcounts

Frankly, using new accounting software is like driving a rented car. You may never have driven the specific make or model before but you know it must have gears, a steering wheel, lights, brakes etc. and it is just a case of finding out where they are and using them.

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Bookkeeping is the bedrock of your business – EBook

Good bookkeeping is the bedrock of every successful business. As you can see from our illustration, bookkeeping is at the centre of every aspect of your financial management and you let it lapse at your peril. However, we see too many businesses where the bookkeeping is not done well enough…

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Cloud Accounting & Technology Posts

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