Pensions auto enrolment – how to get started

Pensions auto enrolment (AE) is the law and it’s making its way to your business NOW!

As we go through 2017 and beyond, more and more companies will have to auto enrol their staff into an approved pension scheme and this blog gives an overview what’s involved.

There are three big areas to work through:

Preparing and choosing a pension scheme
Running your pension scheme
Compliance declarations

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Bookkeeping is the bedrock of your business – EBook

Good bookkeeping is the bedrock of every successful business. As you can see from our illustration, bookkeeping is at the centre of every aspect of your financial management and you let it lapse at your peril. However, we see too many businesses where the bookkeeping is not done well enough…

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Basics of VAT – an ICAEW publication

The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales (ICAEW) runs a Business Advice Service (BAS) which we are members of. As part of the BAS commitment to UK business, we offer a free introductory meeting to any nearby company  i.e. within 10km of the SW6 or TW9 post codes.

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Management accounts makeover – clarity is everything

Management accounts are vitally important for every business.

Not having management accounts is simply not an option and yet we continue to see companies, some with multi-million turnovers, that have nothing like the management information they need to run their businesses.

Sounds familiar?

Organise a management accounts makeover.

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Accounting software for small business

Cloud software is improving and it has the big marketing money and product investment going in to it but despite that, our view is that the best of the cloud accounting software for small business users is still not as good as the desktop equivalents.

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So you’re not an accountant? That’s fine – it’s these six financial things you need to know anyway

Most business owners, most Managing Directors are not accountants. Yet most businesses get by, survive and thrive.

So what is it that these people running most businesses know or need to know if they are to be sustainably profitable and successful?

Six financial things.

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