From paper bag to paper-free – alchemy for accountants

It’s the old accounting nightmare – the client brings in their records in a carrier bag or shoe box, dumps it on the desk and says “Here you go –  can you get my accounts / tax return done by the end of the month, please?” We don’t…

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Cloud Accounting – give your accounts a Digital Detox

The pace of change we’re seeing in the world of bookkeeping and accounting is staggering and this blog is all about how your business can make the most of the cloud accounting digital revolution. Say goodbye to the old ways and give…

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A business is either registered for VAT or it’s not. If it’s VAT registered then it needs to add VAT to its sales invoices (with one or two exceptions) but it can reclaim the cost of VAT it pays to its suppliers. This is done on…

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Reclassify transactions in QuickBooks Accountant Edition 2013

This one minute video shows you how to Reclassify Transactions in QuickBooks using the Accountant Edition 2013.

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I have a three-month project – which month has the profit?

Accurate and consistent management accounts are a key tool for monitoring and improving business performance and they should be tailored to the needs and nature of your business.

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Effective – do the right things Efficient – do things right It’s your business so make sure you’re doing all the right things your business needs to do to be successful, profitable, sustainable. But doing the right things in the right way is where systems come in. Being organised, using…

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Pensions auto enrolment – how to get started

Pensions auto enrolment (AE) is the law and it’s making its way to your business NOW!

As we go through 2017 and beyond, more and more companies will have to auto enrol their staff into an approved pension scheme and this blog gives an overview what’s involved.

There are three big areas to work through:

Preparing and choosing a pension scheme
Running your pension scheme
Compliance declarations

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