Getting paid on time – your company is NOT a source of alternative finance!

Getting paid on time – it’s one of the biggest drags on the business community and it hits the smaller business particularly hard.

But there are things you can do, it’s time to hit back.

Remember – your company is NOT a source of alternative finance for your customers!

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QuickBooks training in London – your business is the classroom!

We start by finding out what your business does, how you run it and what your metrics are that define success. Then we tailor your QuickBooks training so it supports your business model.

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I stopped doing my books when I realised I was making them worse!

Cloud accounting software is incredibly powerful, helpful and, once you know how, easy to use. The key point is – “once you know how”.

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Make bookkeeping digital

Bookkeeping data has to be entered into a computer program one way or another so make life easy and use proper accounting software. Ditch the spreadsheets and make bookkeeping digital.

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A recent change in QBO may not be for the better

Whether you’re dealing with a sales ledger or a purchases ledger, before too long there will be a dispute and you’re going to have to engage with the other side to make sure your records and your customer or supplier’s records are the same

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Know your numbers, don’t get lost in the fog

The technology doesn’t change the essentials and there is a real danger that businesses can get so caught up in the “how”, the graphs and the apps that they forget the real point of why they want the numbers in the first place.

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