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Cashflow and credit management – top tips

Cashflow and credit management are so important for businesses that it’s no wonder we’ve been blogging on these two subjects for ages.

There are two types of business – those that don’t need to focus on cashflow………and the rest.

For the rest, I hope these blogs on how to build and use a cashflow model and how to get solid credit management practices in place will be practical and helpful.

Here is an index of our best blogs on cashflow and credit management:


Don’t forget that your cashflow will be disproportionately improved by  increasing your margins, so this blog could be disproportionately useful!



Credit management

If you’re owed money by clients – get on the phone!

Use your accounting software to email statements and copies of unpaid invoices, but remember there is no substitute for getting on the phone and getting the invoices paid.



For most companies cashflow and credit management should be front and centre of the business and the joint responsibility of sales and finance staff.

I hope these blogs are useful and they help your business to put more money in the bank!


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