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QuickBooks not fitting your business like a glove? Help is at hand!

Thousands of businesses are already QuickBooks users but may not be getting the most out of it, yet a short QuickBooks training session – building on your existing level of knowledge – should get your business and QuickBooks totally in tune with each other.

Room for improvement

As QuickBooks ProAdvisors, we can work with you using your real, live transactions to make sure that you’re getting the best out of QuickBooks.

Common areas for improvement that we see in other businesses include:

  • using memorised transactions to save time and make sure transactions don’t get missed
  • setting up groups of reports that are bespoke for your business and easy to access
  • using the “File VAT” function
  • entering data with management reporting in mind
  • organising your chart of accounts with one eye on the structure of reports

When is a phone bill not a phone bill?

A monthly phone bill is usually an overhead, but what if your business recharges costs, such as phone bills, to clients? All of a sudden your phone bill is a cost of sale and you need to know that it is being marked-up and recharged.  You also need to know that other rechargeable costs are being identified and passed on.

Your phone bill isn’t an overhead any more, it’s a source of profit and needs to be dealt with in a way that ensures that the profit is demonstrably made.

Higher up the learning curve

If your business is doing everything in QuickBooks in the best way then congratulations, but if you have this nagging feeling that it should be doing more for you then give Blue Dot Consulting a ring on 020 7384 6800 to discuss how we can help you to climb higher up the QB learning curve and reap the benefits of having invested in QuickBooks in the first place.

We can run a practical QuickBooks training programme that’s tailored exactly to your business, using your data that improves your numbers.



Quickbooks training

Check out our Very QuickBooks training videos to see if we’ve already solved a QuickBooks problem for you.

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