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As the economy soars the demand for bookkeeping in London grows with it

London is by far and away the key growth area for the UK economy and as economic growth picks up, companies grow and new businesses are formed, the demand for bookkeeping in London grows as well.

Whatever the economic conditions, all businesses need to have a strong financial foundation and the core skill they all need is accurate, up-to-date bookkeeping.

It doesn’t matter where the books are. They could be at the business, with the accountant or in the cloud but wherever they are, they need to be kept well.

Errors and omissions at the data entry-level will cause the information produced in the management accounts to be wrong which will lead to:

  • Incorrect decisions being made
  • Problems building up without being spotted, let alone solved
  • Time and money being wasted correcting the errors

As demand for bookkeeping in London grows, what about the supply?

Unfortunately it is a mixed bag – some good, some not so good.

This is a problem made worse because sometimes it is difficult to spot that the bookkeeper is not so good because they often have the most knowledge of how to do the work.

Better bookkeeping – better business

We can help you if you worry that your company does not have the bookkeeping it needs.

Firstly, you could outsource it all to us for a period of time so we can make sure it is being done to the standard and within the timescales you need. You can bring it back in-house when it is all going well.

Secondly, we can work with your current finance team to coach improvements to their work and find efficiencies in your business processes that will give you the bookkeeping and accounting you need.


With the increased demand for bookkeeping in London will come increased prices. So, why not act now to make sure you are spending the right amount of money and getting the right job done?

Your day-to-day accounting and financial management are simply too important to get wrong!