Still using an accounts spreadsheet?

True story:

Q: How do you do your bookkeeping at the moment?

A: I list all the transactions in a spreadsheet and send it to my accountants. They do what they do and send it back to me but it’s always full of errors. So I end up checking my own work and I wonder what I’m paying them for!


Now, some people just won’t change. You can lead a horse to water etc. But in this case the business owner and the accountant are both doing it wrong and should both change the way they work.

Put simply – all businesses should be using accounting software. Why?

Because accounting software:

  • Has never been cheaper or more accessible
  • Simplifies your bookkeeping, makes it cheaper and (ideally) paper-free
  • Connects your business with your accountant
  • Produces useful financial information you can act on to improve profits and cashflow
  • Makes compliance easier and cheaper

Although bookkeeping is essential, much of it should sit below the surface, ticking over like a well-oiled machine, producing useful financial information before it’s needed.

Most businesses have similar transactions year-in, year-out and they should be dealt with routinely letting technology deal with as much of it as possible.

Your objective as a business owner is to make sustainable, growing profits and your finance function should be a solid and scalable foundation for those profits.

And if either you or your accountant is still wedded to spreadsheets then you need to press F1!


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