Quickbooks Training Richmond, FulhamWe have been using QuickBooks in our business and for clients for over fifteen years and providing Quickbooks training for desktop and online versions.

The single most important reason we use QuickBooks is the reporting options it offers for users.

Over the years and across a diverse range of businesses we have always been able to produce a useful set of reports for a business from QuickBooks, as long as the data was in there to start with.

Whether the information you need is to run your business and improve results or to share with a potential buyer or investor, QuickBooks is simply brilliant at reporting.  It’s head and shoulders above any other accounting software we have seen.

Switching to QuickBooks Online

We have clients using many different bookkeeping solutions and we’re happy to help them with their software of choice.

We will always wean businesses off using spreadsheets but we’re quite happy to work with Xero, FreeAgent etc.

However, it’s often the case that when we show an MD the benefits of using Quickbooks software and what their accounting and management information could look like, they are keen to switch.

It’s easy to change over to Quickbooks and the only exasperation is when the MD asks..

“Why didn’t we move to QuickBooks earlier?”


Using QuickBooks Online – QBO

Quickbooks ProAdvisor Elite RichmondWe recommend businesses use cloud accounting software for two main reasons:

  • Data entry is quicker, cheaper and should be paper-free.
  • Your accounts are accessible to your team, accountant/auditor which improves accuracy, reduces costs and encourages feedback about financial performance.

It follows that we would encourage businesses to use QBO.

There are four million QBO users around the world which is a mighty seal of approval from users and a powerful signal that it’s not a fly-by-night software trend that will disappear overnight.

Quickbooks online is also fully compliant with HMRC’s Making Tax Digital.  All VAT registered businesses will need to comply with Making Tax Digital over the coming years.  QBO is here to stay.


Our QuickBooks pedigree and experience

Blue Dot Quickbooks panel

Over fifteen years we’ve built up a tremendous body of experience in QuickBooks DeskTop (QBDT) and QuickBooks Online (QBO) using it in a wide range of businesses.

We’re QuickBooks Elite ProAdvisors and we often share our practical experience with the people at QuickBooks and with other users.

And we’re not uncritical. If a new product tweak gets introduced and we don’t think it’s helpful to business users then we’ll tell them!


Quickbooks Training – Beginners to Experienced Users

Everyone has to learn before they’re allowed to drive a car, but we don’t all need to know what goes on under the bonnet.

It’s the same with accounting software.

Users should have some formal training to use QuickBooks to do their job properly, but they don’t necessarily need to know the intricacies of bookkeeping and accounting to use it.

We offer Made to Measure Quickbooks and Xero Training to new and existing clients, in person, at their office or ours. Working your way through a book or video is a lonely job, and for us, there is no such thing as a standard content.  Each session is tailored to you, using your data – so you really know how to use the software for your business needs.

Read a case study on our training – it worked for them!


Why not visit our Quickbooks and Xero Training pages

to learn more about how we help clients

save time and money!


Quickbooks Training Richmond, Fulham, Kingston


QuickBooks and Blue Dot Consulting – what’s in it for you?

We can support the financial side of your business as it grows, ensuring your numbers are up to date and accurate and that you are getting the financial information you need to grow successfully.
QuickBooks software is more than fit for purpose and using our experience,  means we tailor it for your business, so it does exactly what you need.

To find out more about our tailored Quickbooks training or if you’d like to move to QBO, please give us a call on 020 7125 0270 or 020 8166 5960 or visit our contact page.


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