Accounting and financial management specialists and tax advice providers

You went into business to make money doing something you love doing.

Every successful business needs a strong financial management foundation – bookkeeping, cashflow, profitability, management information & tax management – so it can flourish and create value for its customers, owners and employees.

We help to build and maintain that foundation so you can concentrate on growing your business, doing what you do best, knowing that the numbers make sense and are in good hands.


Accountancy Services

Good bookkeeping is at the centre of everything. Get it right and so much else falls into place but get it wrong and it drags you down!

So we start with good bookkeeping, using one of the many accounting software solutions available, and add in payroll, VAT, management information, profit improvement, cashflow management and much more so that your business is financially fit for purpose.

We talk tax with HMRC for you and make sure annual accounts and tax filings are done.

And we do all this in a language that you understand so you can use your numbers to guide your business in the right direction.

Cloud accounting

Using the cloud puts information in your hands wherever you are.

Our business is 100% in the cloud and we wouldn’t have it any other way. But we see a lot of hype, particularly around cloud-based accounting services, and we’re keen to help businesses harness the technology in the right way.

There are several cloud accounting providers and although we have our favourites we give our clients objective advice on what’s right for them, not what’s right for us.

Embrace the cloud – but avoid the hot air!

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“I can wholeheartedly and highly recommend Michael and his team at Blue Dot as an exceptional accounting firm. They put my mind at rest knowing I am in excellent hands.”

Emma, MD

“I’ve been delighted with both the service and expert advice I’ve received from Michael and his team. They take the weight off my shoulders when it comes to my business’s financial requirements, allowing me to focus on building and managing the company.”

Daniel, MD

“We are a small organisation with no in-house financial expertise, so it’s a huge weight off my mind knowing that I can rely on Michael and his team to take care of everything.”

Wendy, Chief Executive

“We all feel more at ease over the last few years, since working with Blue Dot, knowing we have a new level of support we can depend on for our business.”

Greg, MD

“Unlike most Accountancy practices, Blue Dot  provide the very highest levels of expertise across all areas of accountancy work , whilst ensuring both accessibility and the personal touch required by businesses in quickly changing markets”

Craig, MD


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Martyna Delbosc

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