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Business confidence i.e. the confidence to do business

Business confidence supports growthA new client wanted help with their bookkeeping and accounting but also mentioned they wanted some help to grow their business.

The bookkeeping and accounting can be done fairly easily but the conversation about growing the business was very interesting. It mostly boiled down to confidence – business confidence!

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Hiring your first employee is not an HR decision it is a rite of passage!

Business growthYou’re up and running with your business, figuring out how to win and service profitable clients but never quite having enough time to get everything done, to grow as fast as you’d like.

Is it time to hire your first employee?

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Accountants in Fulham Green

Chester House, Fulham GreenFulham Green is a thriving campus of offices adjacent to Putney Bridge tube station in Fulham.

Across the four buildings, Bedford House, Chester House, Cavendish House and Riverbank House, there are dozens of companies engaged in a wide variety of activities who all find the location and environment conducive businesses growth.

One of those companies is us – Blue Dot Consulting, chartered accountants in Fulham Green.

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How good are your management accounts?

financial informationFinancial information is the lifeblood of every business and your management accounts are the key source of the information you need.

With good, up to date financial information you can make sensible decisions, change what is not working, get early warning of problems and track the results of your business.

Anything less than good financial information will hold you back, sometimes disastrously.

So what financial information do you need and how can you get it?

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Management accounts makeover – clarity is everything

Management accounts - hit the profit buttonManagement accounts are vitally important for every business.

Not having management accounts is simply not an option and yet we continue to see companies, some with multi-million turnovers, that have nothing like the management information they need to run their businesses.

Sounds familiar?

Organise a management accounts makeover.

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