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Diary of a StartUp – why would someone buy from me?

Diary of a StartUp Event: Why would someone buy from me?

Date: September 24, 2015, 6.00 – 7.30 pm

Venue: Metro Bank, Fulham Broadway, London, SW6 1BW

Book here for £15

Why would someone buy from me?

Why would someone buy from me?

You’ve started your business, now sit back and wait for the phone to ring, watch the queue form outside your door and your website collapse under the sheer weight of inbound traffic.

Here come the customers!

It’s not quite that easy. In a competitive world where no-one has time or wants to pay attention, how do you make your business stand out and make sales?

In this event, Jacqui Newman ( Hotspot Marketing ) will guide you through 5 essential steps to getting more of the RIGHT customers to buy from you:

  • Who are the right customers – why one size fits all rarely works
  • What really matters to your customers – you might be surprised!
  • Developing ONE clear message
  • Engaging not selling – navigating the buying cycle
  • Building customer loyalty


Diary of a StartUp “Flash Financials” & Guest Entrepreneur

Michael Austin will give a whistle stop tour of cloud accounting software options available to StartUps and  small businesses.

Our guest entrepreneur at this event will be Keren Lerner, founder of design agency Top Left Design who will be on hand to share her experience on running a business for over 13 years.


So join us on at 6.00pm on September 24, at the Metro Bank in Fulham Broadway for what promises to be a really practical and useful session that will help get your business the customers you want.

Book here for £15




What is Diary of a StartUp all about? – find out here



Diary of a StartUp


Diary of a StartUp is a series of events that help you start up your own business and keep it going!

Running your own business – it’s hard, fun, painful, exhilarating, frustrating, rewarding, overwhelming and many other things. It’s yours and you love it!

But you can’t do it all by yourself.


Three essentials of a successful business

There are three essentials of any business:

Marketing finance operationsWhether you’re a hairdresser, a search-engine optimizer or an architect – you will know how to do the thing you do, the day-to-day operation of your business that delivers a product or service.

But that’s not enough.

You have to master how to do the thing you do, for other people and for a profit.

And that’s what our Diary of a StartUp events will help you achieve.

Our events are run by entrepreneurs, people who have been running their own businesses, perhaps several businesses, for some time.

This is NOT text-book stuff, you can’t buy it in the business section of the local bookshop. It’s the real world and you can grab a piece of it.


The next Diary of a StartUp event

Our next event, in which we’re partnering with Metro Bank in Fulham Broadway, is called “Why would someone buy from me?”.  It’s at 6.00pm on September 24 and you can book your place here.


Our Diary of a StartUp events are for people who are thinking of starting up or who are in their first year or so of running their own business. If that’s you, why not join in?




Know your numbers, don’t get lost in the fog

Lost in the FogThere’s a lot of marketing noise about how rapidly technology is changing the way accounting gets done.

We know. We’re completely in the cloud and much of the change is good.

But the technology doesn’t change the essentials and there is a real danger that businesses can get so caught up in the “how”, in the graphs and the apps that they forget the real point of why they want the numbers in the first place.

Too many businesses are lost in the fog.


Five financial essentials

If you’re running a business can you answer these five questions?

  1. How is your business performing?
  2. How could it perform better?
  3. Who owes you money?
  4. Who do you owe money to?
  5. What is your cashflow like?

You need reliable answers to these questions to be readily available.

If you don’t have them then something needs to change.


Accounting software

It might be a software issue – we still see £1m businesses running their accounts in spreadsheets. .

Get some proper accounting software – there’s a lot of it about!

It might be a software issue – you’ve bought the software, they said it was easy to use, just like riding a bike, but actually no-one in your company knows how to use it properly.

Get some training!



You might have accounting staff or a freelance bookkeeper, it’s quite likely you have an external accountant. But you’re still lost in the fog!

Change the people – improve them or lose them!


An MD’s cry from the heart

We are working with an MD. She has a decent business, two or three staff, happy clients, came through the recession and wants to kick on. She rang me because she doesn’t have reliable numbers and doesn’t know what to do.

In her case the bookkeeping has been poor and the accountants (gold medalists at non-responding) have barely shown up to make things right.

At least in this case the MD knew she was lost in the fog; we can tidy things up and give her the clarity and peace of mind she needs.

How about you?

Let the fog clear!






Make profit your first cost

Make profit your first cost. Sounds weird but it works. Find out what it means and how this thought process can deliver profit in to your business.

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Gross Profit Officer – appoint one today!

The concept of a Gross Profit Officer came out of a brainstorming session with a client of ours in which we looked at how they could make more profit from any given level of sales.

It made sense to us, it will probably work for you, so what is the role of the Gross Profit Officer?

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This must be my profit, it says so on my phone!

“It’s on my phone so it must be right!” said a client of ours recently.

And it struck me that because we use our phones for pretty much everything, we tend to assume they tell us the right answer all the time.

But perhaps your smartphone is not so smart after all – or perhaps the users aren’t!

I’m talking here about cloud accounting apps – the phone apps that accompany cloud accounting software packages. They’re an extension of the software you can also access from a laptop, PC or tablet.

They let you carry out data entry on the go, such as new purchases and sales invoices, and access some reports, such as the Profit & Loss report my client was looking at.

They’re the way of the world and it’s Canute-like to think this technology is going to disappear. It isn’t.

So the trick is to understand and use cloud accounting apps sensibly.


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