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Cloud accounting – look before you leap boldly

Cloud accountingOver recent years we have seen Software as a Service (SaaS) applications coming to the fore. Programs you access via the web and can use anywhere. This blog uses SaaS – written, as it is, in WordPress.

SaaS applications are often marketed by emphasising the benefits of “the cloud”. Yes, you really can confirm that sales meeting from the golf course (though why would you?).

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Accountants in Fulham, accountants in Richmond – with the cloud the sky is the limit

Cloud accountingWhen people search the web for accountants they usually do so geographically – accountants in Fulham or accountants in Richmond – as part of their search activity.

Local is good. However, local is expensive.

But not any more, not if your business embraces the cloud!

Although this blog is primarily about the growth of Blue Dot Consulting, it could just as easily apply to any business under the sun.

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Accounting software – don’t drown it with data

Accounting softwareA business called us for help with their accounting software but when we dug a little deeper the software was not the problem – the process was.  A simple problem to solve but some interesting lessons to learn.

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Part time finance director – could be just what you need

management accounts pictureA part time finance director is so often a very good idea for a company simply because for most companies there is no such thing as a full-time finance director.

Two reasons we do not see it happen very often are that MDs may not recognise the value that a part time finance director can bring and, if they do, finding a good one is more difficult than it should be.

We explore the role and responsibilities of the part time FD and how we can help you if you need one.

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As the economy soars the demand for bookkeeping in London grows with it

Growth aheadLondon is by far and away the key growth area for the UK economy and as economic growth picks up, companies grow and new businesses are formed, the demand for bookkeeping in London grows as well.

Whatever the economic conditions, all businesses need to have a strong financial foundation and the core skill they all need is accurate, up-to-date bookkeeping.

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Cloud accounting – using the software you like

Cloud pictureCloud accounting is becoming more entrenched as a business solution and although we do not think the current crop of cloud accounting software is very good it is bound to get better.

But what if you are very happy with the accounting software you use and have several years of data stored in it but you want to work in the cloud and gain the benefits of access from anywhere at any time?

Here are a couple of solutions.

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Remote working in the cloud

Cloud pictureOur business has now switched to remote working in the cloud.

Up until now we have been using a traditional client-server model in an office but going forward we will do all of our work in a hosted environment from anywhere.

Working in the cloud is the third stage of a project that has seen us move to a paperless environment and migrate our email, diaries etc. to Office 365. But what does it all mean for a business in the 21st century?

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