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Accountants aren’t always checking your accounts

checking accountsToo often we see examples of companies where the published accounts at Companies House bear little resemblance to the numbers in the client’s accounting software.

They should be the same.

How could they be different?

And what is the impact?

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Cloud accounting v Accounting in the cloud – travel from the right platform

Cloud accountingYou can’t move for cloud accounting marketing on social media – the providers of cloud accounting software and advocates for it are all over the place and you might think it’s the only game in town.

But think again – think about doing your accounting in the cloud. Then think more widely.

Think about running your entire business in the cloud, without being limited by cloud accounting software.

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Cloud accounting – We can work anywhere in #thecloudthatcounts

Growing in #thecloudthatcountsIt’s a strange feeling when you shrink with one hand and at the same time grow with the other. Courtesy of cloud accounting.

Shrink is not really the right word. We are simply took advantage of moving into the cloud to reduce our property costs in one location and at the same time open another office in Richmond.

Accountants in Fulham, accountants in Richmond. Accountants everywhere and anywhere, in fact.

It’s a period of change and opportunity for us, and a chance to stand back and remind people of what we do and why it works.

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Cloud accounting – using the software you like

Cloud pictureCloud accounting is becoming more entrenched as a business solution and although we still don’t think cloud accounting software is as good as some of the best desktop packages, it’s getting better all the time.

But what if you are very happy with the accounting software you use and have several years of data stored in it but you want to work in the cloud and gain the benefits of access from anywhere at any time?

Here are a couple of solutions.

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Management accounts makeover – clarity is everything

Management accounts - hit the profit buttonManagement accounts are vitally important for every business.

Not having management accounts is simply not an option and yet we continue to see companies, some with multi-million turnovers, that have nothing like the management information they need to run their businesses.

Sounds familiar?

Organise a management accounts makeover.

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Why two bank accounts are better than one

two bank accountsRunning two bank accounts is an incredibly powerful discipline for a business to adopt because it puts such a focus on making the business make money.

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Make profit your first cost

Looking for profit improvement? Make profit your first cost. Sounds weird but it works. Find out what it means and how this thought process can deliver profit in to your business.

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